Culture of Sustainability, Part 3

Part 3: Frasier Residents Actively Support Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability and being eco-friendly is a large part of Frasier’s culture. Whether for multimillion-dollar projects or encouraging residents and staff to recycle, Frasier is committed to improving its footprint on the environment. In part three of our four-part series learn how our residents and team members are actively engaged in our sustainability efforts and supported by Frasier’s leadership team.

Frasier’s commitment to sustainability is supported by the residents who call the community home and our staff. Because of their desire to be an eco-friendly community and the fact that electric cars have grown in popularity, especially in Boulder, Frasier has charging stations for their convenience, their families, and staff. This Life Plan community also harnesses the power of the sun with solar panels on the roof of The Prairies – one of their independent living apartment buildings – an investment in something that is important to their residents and the Boulder community.

Residents appreciate our sustainability efforts and have always been supportive of Frasier’s commitment to building and operating an environmentally responsible campus in every way and are doing their part to have a positive impact on the environment.

Resident-driven initiatives and efforts with the support of the Frasier leadership and the entire staff include:

  • A resident recycling committee that we support with recycling collection bins throughout campus on every floor of every building
  • Residents are educated on recycling (what items should be and should not be recycled), in a weekly community newsletter and with posters in recycling collection rooms
  • Composting bins
  • Resident planted and tended pollinator garden
  • Only using non-toxic chemical pesticides for the landscaping
  • Recyclable to-go food containers from our dining services
  • Reduced use of paper whenever possible
  • Saving and storing delivery boxes for residents to reuse

“Residents care about the environment and are eager to show new residents how to recycle, reuse and reduce waste, “says Julie Soltis, Frasier’s Director of Communications.

The resident-run pollinator garden is an outstanding example of how residents embrace sustainability. In honor of Earth Day April 22, 2021, Frasier created the community’s first pollinator garden with a ceremonial planting. This garden is part of Boulder’s Pollinator Garden Project to help make the city a pollinator haven. Over 40 Frasier residents are part of the “Pollinator Pals” group on campus and help grow native seedlings for the city project as well as add more native and naturalized plants to the campus gardens. The “Pollinator Pals “are dedicated to making Frasier one of the first institutional pollinator havens in Boulder.

Frasier residents and team members are thinking beyond their own community to the larger one, Boulder-where we all call home. They are setting an example for others to follow by demonstrating how small efforts practiced every day and group initiative can have a positive impact that extends beyond the boundaries of our shared community. In the fourth and final blog in the series, you’ll be introduced to the resident-run Recycling Committee and their impressive efforts to support Frasier’s culture of sustainability.