Rooted in Boulder

When local residents Elmer and Mayme Frasier donated land to open Frasier in 1960, they set out to create a vibrant retirement community to support Boulder’s seniors. Today, that commitment has flourished into an engaging lifestyle for a diverse group of residents who are spirited, intellectually curious, and active in the Boulder community.

Boulder is recognized as one of America’s best-educated, most active, happiest, and healthiest communities. It is a top travel and recreation destination with an average of 300 sunny days each year. Considering all this, it’s no surprise that Boulder was recently name the No. 1 place in America to call home for the second year in a row by US News & World Report in its newly released list of Best Places to Live.

Our Connection with Boulder

Rooted in Boulder - Community Engagement

Community Engagement

If there is an issue of interest, residents and staff will channel their passion and skills to become involved. They'll speak at city council and local civic organizations, volunteer at area schools and nonprofits, and write op-eds or letters to the editor. And our door is always open for local leaders to stop by and inform residents of local matters.

Rooted in Boulder - Adding Diversity

Adding Diversity

With a vibrant, thoughtful, and vocal community of hundreds of residents, Frasier ensures the senior “voice” is heard articulately on matters that affect older adults. We are an inclusive and welcoming community to individuals from all walks of life, offering intergenerational perspective and wisdom.

Rooted in Boulder - Employer & Economic Contributor

Major Employer

Resident well-being is supported through many community features, including numerous resident elevators with emergency generators, covered parking, walkways around the community, wide hallways, and leading technology to support safety, entertainment, communications, storage areas, concierge, and transportation services.

Economic Contributor

Frasier has multiple community rooms for hosting groups, events, religious activities, private gatherings and public exhibits. We also offer many rooms and spaces to simply relax in, like our extensive library, or billiards room. Additionally, with The Canyons Center we have more space and opportunities to host community events.

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Our residents are former educators, musicians, politicians, scientists, and professionals. Come visit Frasier to see why they are the fabric that has helped to build Boulder, making it the unique city we live in today.