Culture of Sustainability, Part 2

LEED certification: Frasier is a Leader in Sustainability on a Grand Scale

Sustainability and being eco-friendly is a large part of Frasier’s culture. From large-scale multimillion-dollar projects to encouraging residents and staff to recycle, Frasier is committed to improving its footprint on the environment. In part two of this four-part series about what the environmentally conscience senior living community is accomplishing, you’ll learn more about what that looks like on a grand scale.

Frasier has always sought to lead the way in sustainability practices on a large and small scale. When campus expansion plans began in 2015, to meet the stringent building codes for the city of Boulder, the new Prairies building was designed and built to LEED standards, a widely used green building rating system that certifies buildings that save money and improve efficiency while creating a safe environment for people. Frasier received a silver LEED designation for The Prairies in May 2021

To earn the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)  certification a building must:

  • Address carbon emissions
  • Demonstrate efficient use of water
  • Ensure proper waste disposal
  • Use non-toxic building materials
  • Provide healthy indoor and outdoor living space

LEED-certified buildings minimally contribute to carbon emissions, protect and restore water sources, encourage and protect biodiverse ecosystems and promote good human health to enhance quality of life. These same standards were applied to the new Canyons Center and will be again for any future new structures or renovations in the community.

The design and construction of the new apartment building earned Frasier’s CEO and President, Tim Johnson national recognition for the concept and design.

“When we began the project, we asked ourselves, how do we create as healthy an environment as possible? We have always made a commitment to the best environment for our residents, and they are a community of climate activists who care about sustainability. This is who we are,” Johnson says.

The Prairies apartments, The Canyon Center, and the Wellness Center buildings are large-scale projects that demonstrate the Frasier community’s commitment to sustainability by undergoing the rigorous process of building to LEED standards and achieving WELL certification (see part 1 of this series)