Mission & History

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

An active retirement community helping seniors enjoy independent and fulfilling lives.

Our Vision

Frasier strives to be the first choice for those seeking residential and healthcare services and for the employees committed to serving them. We will continue to contribute to seniors’ health, happiness, and well-being through innovation, expansion of quality care, and support for our members and the greater community in Boulder.

Frasier is a Life Plan Community, meaning we offer seniors a full continuum of housing and care options. We are an inclusive and welcoming community and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, gender expression, military or familial status, ethnicity, or national origin.

Our Values

  • We act at all times ethically and with integrity, transparency, and accountability.
  • We treat everyone with respect, civility, and compassion.
  • We promote wellness, independence, and engagement.
  • We honor human dignity, privacy, and comfort in all phases of a person’s life.
  • We strive to excel in all areas.
  • We believe in the spirit of community, collaboration, and inclusiveness.
  • We assure spiritual and religious freedom for everyone.
  • We conduct all activities without regard for race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender orientation, age or disability.
  • We represent Frasier in a friendly, service-oriented, and professional manner.
  • We actively contribute to the greater community.
  • We value responsible stewardship of our financial, physical, and human resources


Located in a residential area of Boulder, Colorado, Frasier is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, mission-driven community and presently affiliated with the Mountain Sky United Methodist Conference. Originally founded in 1958 by the Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Methodist Church on 20 acres of land donated by Elmer and Mayme Frasier, the spirit of giving runs deep in our roots. Since opening in 1960 with 100 apartments, we have grown to a staff of 300+ dedicated individuals delivering housing and care to almost 500 seniors. We grew again in 2020 with 98 new independent living apartments and several capital improvements to meet the growing needs of local seniors and families.

Excellence and Innovation

Frasier is a member of Novare, a consortium founded in 2012 of forward-thinking, single-site, and small system Life Plan Community providers that have come together to collaborate, innovate, and enhance the world of senior living through shared next practices. Today, it represents communities from Hawaii to Connecticut and Montana to Florida, who share an open exchange of ideas, learning from one another’s operating philosophies, financial models, and more, to propel each other and the industry forward. To learn about Novare, visit novare.org.

Frasier through the Years