Frasier Honors Latino Experiences

To help increase Frasier residents’ understanding and appreciation of ethnic diversity in the community, Celebrando Nuestra Cultura: Past, Present, and Future was born to bring light to the Latino experience.  Through a series of Latino-focused events and activities, the program’s goal was to strengthen connections between Frasier residents and Frasier Latino staff and build ties with Latinos beyond the Frasier campus.

The week-long program featured the past, present, and future of local Latino experience through personal narratives, photos, lectures, music, and dancing.

Organized by a team of Frasier residents, staff, and community members, Celebrando consisted of six events and an ongoing exhibit, Nuestra Cultura in Boulder County, running through June 2022.

To hear the impetus behind Celebrando in KGNU’s interview with resident Ester Matheson and Frasier staff member Adi Chavez, click here.