Creative Crones – Life Stories of Women Writers of a Certain Age

BOULDER, CO: Recently, women writers at Frasier banded together to self-publish Creative Crones, Having and Writing the Time of Our Lives, a compilation of essays and short stories representing aspects of their lives.

The impetus for creating this book was the life stories writing class held at the senior living community taught by University of Colorado instructor Naomi Rachel. The class met for a year beginning in March 2018. It soon became apparent that the stories written by these women where worth telling the world – and thus the idea of Creative Crones was born.

“What can we do with all these stories?” thought Barbara Farhar, one of the authors. She proposed the idea of self-publishing the stories the class generated. “The group got behind the idea and were excited about this possibility. I was more than happy to compile these amazing writings.”

The book is a delightful potpourri of memoir pieces depicting 20th century life as lived by the sixteen women writers. Spanning the decades from the 1940s to the 1990s, these stories give unique glimpses into women’s lives in an American culture that has, of course, since moved on. Catching moments from years ago with wit and wisdom, the crones convey perspectives only possible from older women with rich and full life experiences.

Topics in the book range from house rules, rituals, character sketches, historical moments, values and mentors – just to name just a few. Being women of “certain age,” the authors bring an anecdotal perspective of wisdom, humor, and sensitivity to their work. Designing and printing the book was a group effort, too. Fellow writer and artist Pat Geraghty designed the artwork for the cover, while Frasier resident John Harris assisted Farhar in printing the book.

“It was an enjoyable labor of love to have this book fully come to fruition,” stated Farhar. She points out this project wouldn’t have been possible without the enthusiastic support for creative writing activities from Frasier Director of Community Life Molly Briggs, for whom the book is dedicated.

Creative Crones can be purchased at The Boulder Book Store or the gift shop at Frasier.

About Frasier

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