Making the Case for Financial Minimalism

If you’re looking for a lifestyle centered around spending more on quality items and services and even having money left over to save or invest, then financial minimalism may be for you.

Far Beyond Bingo -Aging at Altitude Fall 2022

Retirement isn’t what it used to be, folks — and that’s great news. If your vision of senior living consists of shuffling between Bingo and shuffleboard, it’s time to reframe.

Is It Time To Move?

If you have an elderly adult loved one in your life, there may come a time when you feel it’s important to relocate to be closer to them so you can manage their care and well-being.

Bill McMorran: Planning Your Life Path

How to Plan for a Future Home Sale or Other Tax Events
Frasier invited everyone on their wait list to attend an online educational presentation by tax and financial expert Bill McMorran. The seminar, Planning Your Life Path: How to Plan for a Future Home Sale or Other Tax Events, offered advice and…


Frasier honors Latino experiences through series of events and activities as way to help increase Frasier residents’ appreciation of ethnic diversity.

Bon Appetit – Aging at Altitude Spring 2022 –

Frasier is shifting the paradigm of dining for senior living By Wendy McMillanfor Aging at Altitude For starters, you’ll love the Crab Cake with Brussels Sprouts Slaw, Smoked Aioli and Mustard Seed Caviar. Next, enjoy the fresh zing of Sweet Cherry Tomato Salad with Citrus Herb Vinaigrette, Pickled Celery, and Blue Cheese. A main course […]

Wood Brothers Visit Frasier

Oliver and Chris Wood, founders of Grammy-nominated The Wood Brothers, visited Frasier. The brothers, along with their dad resident Bill Wood, performed a few songs, talked about their history, and discussed the importance of music in our lives.

Live Longer, Live Smarter Series Returns

Live Longer, Live Smarter Series Returns

With Judy Sorum Brown, Navigating Perpetual Whitewater
Frasier recently hosted nationally known and respected leadership expert Judy Sorum Brown to restart our Live Longer, Live Smarter series. The presentation titled, “Navigating Perpetual Whitewater” speaks to the struggles many seniors and…