Frasier Forward is our $90+ million construction project, which includes the addition of The Prairies – an independent living apartment building, The Canyons Center – a multi-use performing and events venue, an expanded Wellness Center, a new dining room, and extensive renovations of existing dining venues. Check back often to learn how we are doing, with progress and closure updates posted here weekly.

Construction News

· The Prairies: By end of day Monday, January 20,  residents will be moved into 19 apartments. Pinkard continues to work on interior punch list items for the remainder of the month. Exterior hardscapes and landscaping are scheduled for completion by June 1. Final solar panel installation will be “plugged in” within the next few weeks.

· Wellness Center: Pinkard has completed the backfilling process for the new sidewalk and patio leading to the new pool and fitness area. However, due to scheduling issues with the concrete contractor, the concrete won’t be poured until the week of January 27th.  Security/access control issues will be finalized this week.

· The Bridge/North Fork Dining Venue: Roof work, along with exterior sheathing and rough mechanical, plumbing and electrical, are in process. Drywall installation to start this week.

· Flood Wall/Gates: City inspection is scheduled for Thursday, January 23. As part of the inspection, Pinkard will have to demonstrate a “flood” at one of the flood gates.  The Peaks South garage gate will be demonstrated and as such The Peaks South garage will be closed that day. Plan accordingly.  If you do not need your car that day, it can remain in the garage.

· The Peaks South Chiller: Installation of the noise blanket that wraps around the compressor will take place this Thursday.  The steel for the mechanical screen will be installed this week.

· Corridor Remodels: The corridor in the Wellness Center is currently being remodeled. The remodel of the corridor from the Marketing Suite to North Fork has started and is scheduled to be complete by mid-February.

Closure, Moves, and Misc. Info

· Front Entrance/Reception Desk: Scheduled to open/relocate on Monday, January 27!  Please note: when this happens, for security, the external doors of The Canyons Center will be locked with FOB  access only.

· The Peaks North: Construction at The Bridge requires a water shut down to The Peaks North on Thursday, January 23, 10pm—midnight.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

· New Prairies residents are currently accessing The Peaks by way of the North Community Room. This access will relocate the week of January 27th to go through the adjacent apartment 85 instead.    

· The Peaks South parking garage will have NO accessibility Thursday, January 23,  due to a flood gate test/inspection. If you do not need your car that day, it can remain in the garage.  The flood test is scheduled for 1pm. 

·  The Summit Care Center parking lot:  A large crane will be in this parking lot for three days this week as it is lifting steel/mechanical screen to The Peaks South roof.

Construction Web Cameras

Be sure to check out our construction progress on the web cams links below. These links have tools that feature current, past, and progression views.