A community is shaped by the people who live there, and we’re proud to say the residents of Frasier are as good as it gets. An eclectic, diverse group of thinkers and doers, Frasier residents make this one of Colorado’s gems for senior living and care. Frasier has been part of the Boulder fabric since 1960, and our residents make sure we’ll stay connected for years to come.

Committed to Enriching Boulder

Is there a hot topic at the city council? An Alzheimer’s walk to help fund more research? Or maybe a world-renowned speaker up at the University of Colorado? No matter what the community activity, you’ll almost certainly see some Frasier residents front and center.

Committed to Enriching Frasier

The Frasier way is to give back to the community, and this takes shape in supporting residents, staff and the larger community. Philanthropy and community service are a way of life here, marked by special honors such as the Betty and Bill Fisher Award for resident community service.

So Much to Do

If Frasier residents have an interest, we have a club. Dozens and dozens of committed, interesting groups gather to hash it out, make a plan and get after it every day. Or, they might just head to Chautauqua Park for some fresh air, as the Nordic Pole Walking club does.

Let’s Get Social

Whether you just want to finish that project in the woodshop, catch up with the beer-making group, or catch the latest live performance or talk, what makes Frasier special are the times when residents get together, converse, and enjoy each other’s company.

See For Yourself

From the moment you walk into Frasier, you’ll catch the feeling. It’s a welcoming, vibrant resident community that you have to experience. Stop by, take a tour and see for yourself. You will likely see a friend or two as you do.