Frasier COVID-19 Information

This page continually provides COVID-19 updates regarding Frasier. Please check it frequently and the associated page, Frasier’s COVID-19 Communications, for the most up-to-date information.

Frasier’s COVID-19 Communications

To access Frasier’s updates and information regarding communications on how Frasier is adapting to the COVID-19, click here. There you will find video messages, C-Updates, and Keepin’ Busy Bulletin.

Residents/Staff Vaccinated

Frasier partnered with Walgreens and began offering the Pfizer vaccine to residents and staff in The Summit Care Center and The Meadows in early January 2021. A community-wide offering followed at the end of January (with second doses adminstered in February).  Frasier’s participation rate in receiving the vaccine has been stellar:

  • 91% of the entire campus employees and full-time contractors
  • 94% assisted living and skilled nursing staff
  • 100% of residents that were on campus and good candidates for the vaccine received it.

Ease of COVID-19 Restrictions

The Frasier community is experiencing the highest level of protection against COVID-19 since the pandemic began due to our high participation rate of the Pfizer vaccine among residents and staff. We are all extremely excited about this extra layer of safety. As such, Frasier is taking a very cautious step forward and is rolling out a phased plan to slowly ease our COVID restrictions.

Wearing masks anywhere around campus and practicing social distance at all times, remain in place for all staff, caregivers, and guests. Residents are no longer required to wear masks on the Frasier campus if they choose

It is important to know that as restrictions are slowly eased, Frasier will also be monitoring the COVID status at Frasier and in the Boulder community, and follow the State guidelines at all times. These guidelines may change at any time, and Frasier will pivot as necessary to meet or exceed any new restriction criteria.

  • Generally speaking, independent living dining venues are now open at 50% capacity. Other areas such as Wellness Center, pools, woodshop, brew room, art room, and movie theater have opened with limited capacity. Additionally, activities such as Vespers and Happy Hour have returned – all at limited capacity.
  • Indoor, in-person visitation with residents of The Summit Care Center and The Meadows Assisted Living began on March 8, 2021. If you have questions, please call 720.562.4460.
  • Visitation of independently living residents returned on March 11, 2021. Visitors may visit independent living residents only in their apartments.
  • If COVID case rates and other COVID stats continue to decline, as well as vaccination rates increase, further activities and event space may be made available and will be determined on a case by case basis if safe to proceed.
  • Staff, caregivers, contract workers, and guests, are required to check-in at the front desks and pass COVID protocols (temperature check and questions),

We must all remain very vigilant and follow all COVID safety guidelines, including wearing a mask and practicing social distancing at all times. It is also important that we all keep in mind that at any time during these proposed phases, circumstances may change, and some activities may need to be altered or canceled altogether.