Frasier COVID-19 Communications

Updated June 29, 2020: We update this page frequently. Be sure to bookmark it and check if frequently. (Remember to refresh the page each time you visit it).

Videos and Messages

Click here to read Tim’s Op-Ed piece in the March 25, 2020 edition of the Boulder Daily Camera.


The C-Updates is an info sheet to provide you with changes (and at times, reminders) regarding the COVID-19 virus and our “new normal”.  C-Updates will be produced on an as-needed basis, and sometimes that could be daily.

Keepin’ Busy Bulletin

Keepin’ Busy Bulletin is a Frasier Wellness Center and Community Life newsletter to help you keep active and engaged during these challenging times.


Have general questions about how Frasier has adapted COVID-19 guidelines? See our FAQ sheet. If you have further questions you may email them to