Frasier COVID-19 Communications

Updated September 29, 2020: We update this page frequently. Be sure to bookmark it and check if frequently. (Remember to refresh the page each time you visit it). For back issues of the C-Updates, Keepin’ Busy Bulletin, or video messages, please click here and visit our achieved communications page.


The C-Updates is an info sheet to provide you with changes (and at times, reminders) regarding the COVID-19 virus and our “new normal”.  C-Updates will be produced on an as-needed basis, and sometimes that could be daily.

Keepin’ Busy Bulletin

Keepin’ Busy Bulletin is a Frasier Wellness Center and Community Life newsletter to help you keep active and engaged during these challenging times.

Videos and Messages


Have general questions about how Frasier has adapted COVID-19 guidelines? See our FAQ sheet. If you have further questions you may email them to