Our philanthropic mission is to create a culture of giving that affords opportunities to benefit the residents of Frasier, our employees and the greater community. As a reflection of our values, our culture of giving impacts all elements of the Frasier community. Frasier charitable funds are used to enrich the lives of our residents and others by funding projects, programs and services.

Restricted gifts fall into three general categories:

  • Caring for Others: Supporting programs and services that emphasize caring and concern for the well-being of others, including residents and staff.
  • Living Life to the Fullest: Funding our vibrant and robust programs that focus on quality of life for our campus including music, art, spirtual life and more.
  • Building for the Future: Building a caring, stable and lasting organization and our three endowment funds.

Three endowment funds – Chaplaincy, Staff Scholarship, and Permanent– provide additional restrictions to your gift by investing the donation using only the earnings for these programs.

How You Can Contribute

Whether you are a resident of the Frasier campus, family member, or friend who believes in the Frasier mission, please contact Karla Rikansrud, Vice President for Philanthropy and Social Responsibility, at 720.562.4306 or krikansrud@frasiermeadows.org

To make an online gift at any time, click the orange button below.