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Frasier Forward, a $90+ million construction project, includes The Prairies, a 98 independent living apartment building, a new Arts and Education Center, an expanded Wellness Center and extensive renovations of dining venues. The completion of the entire expansion is projected for the last quarter of 2019.  For more information on The Prairies, click here.

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  • Elevator #3 in The Peaks Central (Frasier Central) is now dedicated to construction work ONLY until the completion of the Sky Lounge renovation. The service elevator, located south of elevator #3, is available to residents during this time.
  • The Sky Lounge and North Courtyard are closed.
  • The southwest parking lot remains closed. Residents are to park in their assigned parking spots. Staff, contractors, and caregivers, please do NOT use the two smaller west front lots. These lots are for guests of Frasier residents only. Also, staff, contractors, and caregivers, please avoid parking on the street on Ponca Place.
  • For construction safety reasons, please avoid traveling around the northeast corner of Thunderbird Drive (on the northeast area of The Prairies construction site). There is a lot of construction traffic at this corner and reducing the general traffic would be very helpful.

Construction news:

  • Library: Installation of millwork will be complete this week with the countertop installation. Painting will be done and the ceiling and flooring will be installed the following week with a completion date estimated to be July 27.
  • Sky Lounge: Steelworkers will be working on the “eyebrows” (aka the roof overhang) using the swing stage.  Framing is nearing completion. Ductwork will be performed in the ceiling this week. Rough plumbing and electrical is in process.
  • The Arts & Education Center: Foundation and backfill work will continue this week.
  • The Prairies (new IL building): Caisson work for the south wing will finish this week. Underground plumbing and electrical is complete in the north wing with work starting in the central wing. North wing stair towers are complete. Central wing tower work is in process. The south wing caissons are on schedule to be finished this week.
  • The “Big Pour:” tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, July 24, beginning at 6:30am, over 30 cement trucks will be pouring 275 cubic yards of cement for the garage level of the north wing of The Prairies. This is an exciting step forward—a construction milestone and signifies we are on schedule!

Check out the Hard Hat Happenings, a weekly construction newsletter here.

WebCam1 (view of The Prairies – the new IL Building)

Click here.

WebCam2 (view of the Arts & Education Center)

Click here.

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